27 September 2007

Have you seen me latley?

It's been pretty crazy around here with the job, and school starting this week. So let's just say it's been super busy here, but the weather has been pretty awesome. All I hear about is how it rains constantly in this city, and since we moved here in June it's probably rained 5 times or less. Now watch, tomorrow will be the beginning. Hopefully more of the days will be like today, it was damn near perfect.

In skiing news, the Portland Oregon dryland XC skiing workouts begin this week (Sept 29th). More information here. The cyclocross season is also underway, but I have not yet raced. That's still the plan.


19 September 2007

iceland bike tour photo blog

Day 1: near Hella to Landmannalauger

The Start of the Sprengisandur Route


Dual photos

Geo Thermal (Fumerals)


DAY 2: Landmannalauger to Hyranyar
In the hut


A little break

Headed to Hyranyar

Glacial waters


DAY 3 Hranyar to Nydalur
Icelandic Sunrise

Day 3

Power lines

Lake 2




Long day


Day 4 Nydalur to Laugafell

Rest Day @ Laugafell

Pool at Laugafell

Day 6 Laugafell to Akureyri
Time to start the descent


Road or River?


A more complete flickr slide show here, in case this wasn't enough for you... (make sure and click the photo for the captions.

11 September 2007

Iceland Part 1

So here we are in Portland, and it's been a few days since we've been back from the tour.  I finally got around to putting some of the photos up from the iceland adventure.  Flickr photoset here. 

So the trip started out a little lame.  We had two segments to our flight.  One from PDX to MSP, and then the next day, we were flying from MSP to Reykjavik.  We split this up, because we got decent airfare w/ iceland air from MSP, and planned to stay at our friend Patti's house to get a good night sleep before the flight to iceland.   Problem was, we had a layover in chicago on the way to MSP.  So we were stuck in a holding pattern above chicago, until we got low on jet fuel, and the pilot decided to get gas in Detroit.  So we got gas, and by the time we finally got to chicago, all the planes to MSP were gone.  Our options were spend 50 bucks on a cab and 69 bucks on a hotel, only to get 4 hours of sleep to make our flight at 7:20am, or sleep at the airport.  We chose the airport.  They setup cots so it was not complete hell, but then the guards come by at 4am to wake everyone up and it basically stormed all night, but we did have a good view of the lightning storm.  So we didn't get a good nights rest.

The next day we were off to iceland.  We hit the blue lagoon hot springs / geo thermal site.  It was pretty sweet.  We then hit the hotel in sellfoss and put the bikes together and rested up, for tomorrow the bike tour would begin.

In other news, I started a new job here yesterday, up on the hill, at the OHSU SON as a DBM.

More tomorrow.

05 September 2007

Iceland Bike Tour

We're back!! it was an awesome trip. more photos and stories soon...