31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

I will spare you the spam email, and simply ask you to click this link for a laugh.


Thanks Sean.

and, for what it's worth, i already voted by mail, because that's what they do in Oregon.

As for other comments on the whole election thingy, it's pretty interesting how it's playing out. The national media seems to bey way pro-obama, and all the polls say he's leading, but it's getting closer and closer as we approach the election... or is it...? They just want everyone and anyone to watch the TV on Nov 4th, because that's all they care about is ratings. The newspapers are all going bankrupt, so TV man, that's where its at for the media moguls.

We have had a president for the last 8 years that pretty much nobody likes, that won in 2000 by the slimest of margins... and could have easily have gone the other way, if not for a few idiots in Florida. GWB started a war, can't stop the endless campaign in iraq, and is now pretty unpopular, even with the repbulcans. you don't see him campaigning for Mccain, at all. And he's repbulican, it's pretty apparent that the voting public has shown it's disdain for the decisions of the president, and is taking it out on the party by putting alot of democrats in the senate and house. If Obama wins, we'll have a supermajority, whatever that is. Is that good? probably not, but I think its worth a try.

It seems that the country is more divided than ever. The people that don't like Mccain, really, really don't like him, and the people who don't like Obama really, really don't like him. That's not good. We have two types of people here as I see it. You've got the what I'll call, new-school versus old school thought train. I know that not everything is perfect with Obama, but you know, Mccain picked Palin for fricken sakes. What kind of judgement is that?

To me, it's mostly about inspiration. One of the candidates in this election inspires, and one does not so much.

Who inspires you?

19 October 2008


A blog post!

Well it's been a while since I updated, and I guess that's because not much exciting has been going on. It's been real nice fall here in Portland, the leaves are turned. It's been mostly rain free, except for a day here and there, and lets just say, that we'll take that as long as possible.

Last year I was cyclocrossing, but this year, I havn't really got race fever yet. It's been more popular than ever, and all the races up here are breaking records in terms of riders, which is great. I have gotten in some epic road rides around the northwest hills which is always fun. (Westwood st. up to council crest, west 57th, thompson to skyline, then up old germantown road. yea.) As far as the running goes, the ankle feels ok; I'm lacing them up for a 15k trail run near corvallis tomorrow. I won't break my records, but hopefully will show up on time this year. After that it's going to be cruise control until I turn on the mileage in January, to get ready for my second Hagg. That's the plan.

I've been coaching some workouts with the PDX nordic ski training group, sponsored by XC-Oregon. There's been an average of about 16-25 people per weekend, and that's alot for Portland. I've helped out last year, and there was an average of about 3 people per week, so the excitement is building you could say! I think the nicer fall weather has been a big plus too. As far as the coaching goes, we do a mix of strength, technique and intesity training in a 90 minute session. I'm not exactly yelling: Come-on dirtbags!!! get your asses up the hills, but today lets just say they were sweating.

Next week Laurie leaves to Thialand, for a few weeks of op smile medical mission, and travels... but I'll still be here. Our Hydro instructor is taking us on a tour of the Bonneville Dam next weekend; he knows pretty much everything about hydro-electric dams and pretty much invented the things, as far as he's concerned.