31 December 2007

bye bye '07

The year of moving. We moved twice this year, and we just moved to a new house over the holiday's and boy, was that a drag. It's still a drag because there's still alot of stuff to be put away.

Story... We were moving a few final car loads yesterday, from the old house, to the new house (that's still pretty old) and what the hell... the NEXT door neighbor's (at the old house) walked up and introduced themselves. We've only been living there over six months and on the last day we were going to be there, they finally say 'hi'. I mean we've exchanged hello in passing, but never more than a word. I guess we're partially to blame for not walking over and saying hi as well, but we were busy trying to find our way around town and find shelter from the rain. The good part of this story, is when we finally got all of our crap over the the new house we were out in the back yard with the dogs, and the new next door neighbor's at the new house, walked up and said hello, and we had a nice chat. So it was nice to meet them, and in a kinda sorta evil way, I hope the new renters at the old house are loud, messy and obnoxious. Ok, I guess not that would be bad karma.

Other news... So we were at a Christmas party with some folks from L-girls (disclaimer: Lgirl=wife=Laurie) work the other week. It was a standard household pot luck style party complete with the big cheese and crackers trays, and little jonnies in the crock pot.

Since I didn't know anyone, I got to talking geeky computer stuff w/ a husband of a guy L-girl works with. So we were talking about snow and cold weather and hockey and that kind of thing. I said, yea, back where I grew up in Minnesota it was cold... And we skated on the rinks outside. And he said, I'm from Minnesota! St. Cloud. I was like woah 'SO ARE WE!!'. A fellow Stearns county compatriot! We were most definitely 3rd cousins or something... Well maybe not. That was a pretty amazing small world moment. His last name was Sand and he moved away when he was young, but still has many family members there.

Now on to 2008, where there will be lots of School, some work, and hopefully lots of kick ass competition to keep hope alive!

Peace out and see you on the other side.

27 December 2007

bike sticker

I saw a sticker on a fender of a fellow bike commuter on the way to work today that read: "Live Free or Drive"

Gotta love it. Sounds like a good motto for 2008.

If you want to get tough, move to Portland and bike commute all winter. You won't think it's so bad going out riding when it's in the 30s and rainy. Before the past few weeks, that kind of riding sucked pretty good. I would probably opt to not ride. But with some good equipment (rain wear and fenders), after a few weeks of pretty shitty weather, it's no big deal. That is if you can handle the depression that goes along with the endless winter here (no snow, cloudy all the time, super short days). And when it did snow here on Christmas day, people were literally dancing in the streets. I'm not even talking about accumulating snow. Just the wet crappy snow that melts when it hits the ground. And on the local nightly news, we got today classified as a white Christmas. KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD!

19 December 2007

Here comes the rain again...

It's been a busy time after the cx season ended, first with finals, and now moving. That's right, moving. How are you spending your christmas vacation? No vacation here.

Aside from the big storm that caused all the problems on the coast a few weeks ago, it's been pretty decent weather-wise, until this week. I guess it's not even too bad, considering what the bike commute might be like if it would be 10 degrees cooler with the same winds and precip. 40F and gusting wind driven rain isn't bad compared to 30 with wind and snow. Of course if it was snowing like that here I think the city shuts down. But the cascade mountains are getting snow now, finally, as the skiing reports that I've heard so far have been pretty ugly. The skiing in the midwest however, is awesome this year, for the first time in 8 or so years according to my brother. Speaking of my Brother, he's engaged to Danielle now... Congratulations!

So next week we are going to move most of our stuff from Sellwood to Westmoreland (next to sellwood). By 2008 we should have everything moved. The bad news is, moving sucks no matter what. The good news is it's still a very walkable neighborhood and we'll have ample room for a basement bike shop / renewable energy laboratory, and a huge back yard for the greyhounds to do their racing (even though they're retired-they still like to go at it every once in a while).

More updates as necessary.