22 December 2008

Big snow, still snowing

21 December 2008

at least a foot

here we are in portland, with about a foot of snow!!! no kidding. We've been skiing in the streets for 2 days and the temps in the 20s.

Imagine a foot of snow, and no snow plows, and that's what we have here. The roads where cars have driven are like huge birkie trails, hard packed, flat and wide. Interstate 84 is still closed between portland and hood river, and it's quite obvious that the snow's not going to melt in the next few days, because it's still 25 degrees with temps forecast to stay below 35 for the next few days.

15 December 2008


Here we are in Portland after a good dump of snow. Well in portland a good dump of snow is about 3 inches, and then sustained below freezing temps. This wouldn't have caused a traffic jam back in MN, but here they basically had I-5 shut down yesterday (unless you had chains on) and basically all of the portland schools are closed today. People don't even walk on the sidewalks. they walk on the grass part becuase they can't really balance on anything that doesn't resemble pavement or cement.

So anyway... all this means that there's finally snow in the mountains, for some skiing. hopefully we'll get up to the tracks within the next few weeks.

I finished finals last week, and it was a bitch, but it went reasonably well, and Now i'm one term closer to being done with school. The highlight of the upcoming term should be digital signal processing. Hope to post updates on the awesomeness of that class.

In other news, I jailbroke my iPhone. Basically that means I can now install any apps. Not just ones apple approves. So don't tell steve jobs, but my iPhone just got a whole lot cooler. Now we can stream live on the internets (via qik.com) Check it out!

It's pretty funny when I realize i was in fact, live on the internet (qik.com).

So anyway, we hope to have more and more wonderful content from the iphone. On the list of things to do for the break is to develop a real iphone application. I built one last September but it wasn't really functional, and then school started, and i had not time for that stuff! we'll see how that goes. I'm geeky like that, and a victim of consumerism in it's finest, i guess. maybe if my iPhone apps take off it will pay off!?!