27 April 2009

RIP Sasha Clapper

We built one bad ass power supply (below), and a sweet electrolyzer. I met Sasha in Spring of 2008, when we were lab partners in Electrochemistry at OIT. The students in our program are diverse and Sasha was no exception. We're talking about a dude with neck tattoos, on one side, the angel whispering in his ear, and on the other side, the devil.

He will always be remembered in the lab for the experiments we ran. Especially when he ignited the hydrogen that we produced in our electrolyzer.

taken 4/21/2009

Rest in peace, my friend, it's not going to be the same at school without you.

22 April 2009

21 April 2009

Power supply

School is keeping me busy, with Power Electronics, Heat transfer and Vector calculus. By far the most interesting is power electronics. Why? cause you get to build stuff. Lab 1 of power electronics, we built a power supply. Basically we took a PC power supply and took everything out except the fan, and designed a power supply w/ a 5 volt DC, 12 volt DC, negative 12 volt DC and an adjustable voltage with 1-15 volts DC. It takes power from the wall outlet (120 Volts AC), and converts the power to DC and regulates it. My lab partner Sasha helped. We soldered the board 3 times before we got it right, so we learned some things. The fan runs, although the power supply will probably not generate too much heat, but it's nice to have the fan run, so we at least know the thing is working.

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