22 October 2006

Running lately

Not much new. I ran the Sisters Scramble 10k last weekend, and was pretty satisfied with how it went, considering. This weekend it's Mac Forest 15k trail run in Corvallis, and on Nov. 4th it's the Lords Acre 10k in Powell Butte. After that hopefully we have some snow? I heard it's snowing in the rockies, and there have even been reports of skiing in the midwest. We should be skiing soon. Speaking of skiing, there's some new technology in ski poles. I know, you're thinking it's that new swix pole that looks more like a blade and is really strong and really light. Nope, it's called a coldpole, and you can read about it by clicking here. It might come in handy toward the end of the birkie if you can manage to keep it thawed.

We're going to Portland for the weekend. Planning to stop at Silver Falls state park on the way out to see if the falls are really silver. I need some new photos.

Hasta Luego

20 October 2006

the mix

Last year I came out with a music mix. Ok it's just a bunch of pop songs, and some you might like some you might not. This year, I will again build a mix, and it'll be coming out sometime within the next 3 months. Get ready, because this years mix is going to send shockwaves through the music world. There are still openings, so if you have any requests for the 2006 mix, drop me a line. You know how to get ahold of me. Email. Comment. Phone.

Here's last years mix (code named Kyle's mix, for obvious reasons).

  1. The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)
  2. beck - ghettochip malfunction (hell yes) [remix by 8-Bit]
  3. nine inch nails - Only
  4. butthole surfers - dracula from houston
  5. gorillaz - feel good, inc.
  6. the killers - sombody told me
  7. blur - song 2
  8. weezer - hash pipe
  9. weezer - island in the sun
  10. eminem - lose yourself
  11. si*se - sometimes
  12. si*se - more shine
  13. alanis morissette - crazy
  14. madonna - hung up
  15. live - the river
  16. live - white, discussion
  17. the killers - mr. brightside

This weekend I'm gearing up for the Sisters Scramble. A 10k trail run through the woods. The compeition will be feirce, but we're drinking the good drink and eating the good eats, so we should be bringing the 'A' game tomorrow. It would be sweet if I hadn't had to donate NINETEEN pints of blood in the last 20 weeks. You do the math. That's more blood than 2 of me can hold at one time. In anycase, I'm feeling pretty decent and should be able to rip off a sub 40 minute 10k. Costume might be in effect.


14 October 2006

new URL - same spot

The new URL www.nessski.com is operational. Sort of. Give it a shot.

It'll just bring you right here to nessski.blogspot.com, but please update your bookmarks to www.nessski.com if you have them, and I know you do.

13 October 2006

NHL prediction

The 06-07 nhl season is young, and I intended to get this out before the season started, but here goes. I predict that the Minnesota Wild will win the stanley cup this year. Here's how it will play out:

East finals: Pittsburg (wins most improved club over last year - worst to first almost) vs. Montreal. West finals: Minnesota vs. Detroit

Minnesota will crush Montreal in 5 games, and it won't be over until June. A homer pick you say, picking your home town MN wild? No way. OK maybe just a little bit. The Wild finally opened up the pocket book and signed some goal scorers: former SCSU star Mark Parrish and Pavol Demitra, to go along w/ all star Marian Gaborik (or also pronouced 'mary ann' by wild coach Jacques Lamaire in all of his interviews - classic). That offensive strategy will work great, along w/ Lamaires defensive coaching style. It will be great to see Lamaire match up against the Canadiens.

11 October 2006

Newsflash: Season is over

Well, it was a long season, but it's over! That's right, The 2006 season is in the books. Ness said, "It was a tough desicion to forgo the final race in the Thrilla in the Milla cyclocross series, but it's been a long season. It started out really good, and I had good results at Mt Hood, but after the weekly phlebotomies started, it was tough to keep the intesity up." Ness continued to race through weekly phlebotomies racing in some of the weekly bendcycling.org weekly criteriums and as a Cat 3 in the Cascade classic stage race in his current place of residence, Bend, Oregon.

Ness plans a full comeback next year in his first full season as a Cat 3 racer in Oregon. Since June 5th, Ness has been undergoing treatment for Hemochromatosis, a genetic condition that causes the body to store extra iron. As of today he's undergone 18 phlebotomies, and it looks like treatment could last into 2007. Ness plans to do some ski racing this winter, with possible plans for the Birkie in Feb. and the National Masters in March.

In other local news, Ness's wife Laurie recently returned from Paraguay on a trip for operation smile. Click here for a flickr slideshow.

(*** uh, yea, this was about my racing season for 2006 - There might be other events -mac forest 15k trail run-, but for the most part, it's over, just like the Twins) the blog will continue though. There are some rumors of a site re-design and a new URL (nessski.com??) wait and see!

03 October 2006

Game 2

Lose game 1 at home, with soon to be 2 time cy young winner.

Must win game 2 at home with rookie pitcher Boof Bonser.

Boof -freaking- Bonser, pitching the twins most important game of the year thus far. BOOF!!!

The twins won the alds game 1 in NY 2 years ago, and then went on to lose the next 3. (I think it also happend like that 3 years ago too, but I can't quite remember). These are the Oakland A's we're talking about here, time to git some hits, dammit!