23 August 2006

still ironman

I got my lab results yesterday. I was a bit off with my prediction, but I think I'm on track. I wanted to see that I was over 1/2 way done, but the ferritin number came back at 745. That means I'm losing about 34 points per bleed. If that rate holds for all bleeds, I can expect to be done by about January. yippie. 4 more months of weeklies. Oh well, the red cross is happy.

That's all for now.

21 August 2006


Any guesses on how many points my ferritin will drop after 10 blood donations in 11 weeks? In case you haven't studied up on how many pints of blood is in a person about my height and weight, well, it's just about 10 pints. I've recycled my whole blood supply since June 5th. Tomorrow is the first follow-up to see how much iron I've unloaded. I started out on June 5th at about 1090. Guess? Let's say 412. That would mean I'm over 1/2 way done. If it's under 412, I'll be encouraged. (it has to be, right?) I'm tired, mentally, physically (and not from doing things like this), and I'm sick of donating blood.

I'll probably know the result in the next day or 2.

Some netflix notes: from this weekend: Match Point. It was OK. 3/5 stars. The ending bumped up my rating from 2 to 3 stars. Hopefully this doesn't give it away: you'll really like 'the talented mr. ripley' if you like this one.

Last week: Cinderella Man: 5 stars. This was a great movie if you like sports or not. Back in the day, boxing was cool, and this is one of those movies that it's hard to rent for whatever reason, but it's defiantly worth it.

At the theater, we're hitting up Talladega Nights tonight in sisters.

Jazzy says hello:

Jazzmine in the backyard,sun

Here's to low ferritin levels and some dust curing rainy days soon.

09 August 2006

Published (sort of)

Well I got some props for my excellent photography skills. Some of my photos of Justin Gatlin are showcased in this online article.

Gatlin (like Roid Landis) has tested positive for taking testosterone. His excuse is, that a massage therapist rubbed steroid cream without his knowledge before a meet in Kansas City.

I don't believe him.

As for Landis, I'd like to believe him, but I think he used some kind of testosterone recovery assistance after his blow out on stage 16.

They should use my reverse doping techniques: Lose 9 pints of blood in 10 weeks... Without putting any back in. Iron unloading fast I hope. It's getting a little old. The only good news is my last 2 pints have gone into the blood bank at the red cross. And my blood type is O neg, which is the universal donor, which means that anyone can accept my blood in a transfusion, so it's good when patients are in the ER, and the docs don't have time to type the blood of the recipient.

Enough of that. Look at my pics at nowpublic.com

JUSTIN GATLIN - Doped up on roids.


04 August 2006

FS: Eurovan Weekender!!

Well, we were part of the Bend Eurovan/Subaru outback cult for a while, but it may be coming to an end. If you want to buy this great van, contact me ASAP.

It's advertised for sale on autotrader.

If you like going on long road trips, this is the ULTIMATE vehicle. We just don't go on enough trips like that. We had fun with it, it runs awesome and is super duper clean.


UPDATE: Sorry, the van is sold!

02 August 2006

Peak Oil

Here we are back in Bend after a great weekend in Portland. After weeks of 90 degree heat, we woke up on Monday morning to 37F degrees!! Wow was that a shock. A little too soon for a morning like that (can you say fall is on the way?), but we'll take it.

I've been reading some books about engergy. Peak Oil: What is it? Well, it's the theory that there is a finite supply of oil in the world that we're using slowly (or quickly depending on how you look at it) each day. So the rate at which new oil fields are discovered has already fallen off, as the big fields are pretty much known. We're still able to kick out more barrels today, than we did yesterday, but peak oil says that that will someday change, and we'll no longer produce enough oil to meet the demands of the world. (We're currently using between 80 and 90 MILLION barrels oil per DAY in the world.) It will probably be more like a plateau before the number we can produce starts going down.

Some say this might be a sort of armegeddon, with mass chaos and a big world war for the remaining oil. And this might be happening in the middle east right now (thanks GW). The more I read about it, the more I have hope that the law's of economics come into play and we become more energy efficient so we actually need less oil. It is already happening with the big 3 US automakers going in the tank (ford, gm and chrysler). They simply can't compete w/ Toyota an Honda and the efficient cars they are selling now.

So the point here is, change your light bulbs to compact florescents, use less electricity and natural gas and when it's time to get a new car, go for gas mileage.

Go out and see Al Gore's new movie and just wonder how different the world would be if we'd have had about 200 more votes for him in the 2000 election. I wasn't a big Gore fan back then, but hopefully he get's another chance to run in 08.

OK back to Yard work and blood donations.