04 October 2013

Rejected blood

I'm a little outraged that the red cross won't let me donate blood into the regular blood bank.  Since I have Hemochromatosis, they will take out my blood, but they just throw it down the drain.  (well not literally).

This is not the FDA restricting the blood from HH positive people; they allow it.  This is 100% the red cross and their stupid politics.  here's a direct quote from the red cross website:

The American Red Cross, which controls about 45% of the nation's blood supply, does not currently accept donations from people with known hemochromatosis. Everyone agrees that the blood is safe and of high quality. There is no risk of passing on a genetic disease through blood transfusions. But the Red Cross has a long-standing policy that potential donors are not allowed to receive direct compensation for their donation (beyond the usual orange juice and cookie). Because people with hemochromatosis would otherwise have to pay for their therapeutic phlebotomies, they would in effect be getting something of value for being able to donate for free. Thus the Red Cross has ruled that such donations violate their policy.
BS! If I had an alternative way to give blood and have it go to a blood bank I totally would.  I estimate that I will be prescribed to give blood between 4 and 8 times a year for the rest of my life!! That's a lot of blood for people who might need it.

See if you have any alternatives to the Red Cross to give blood in your area, and also, encourage them to accept blood from hemochromatosis patients if they don't already.

09 September 2013

Pillager Mud Run Special

Ran in the Pillager Mud Run last weekend and had a lot of fun.  The mud was just a little watered down, but it was still yucky and muddy.  The local public TV station did a nice little production on it, and I gave away my training secret:  American Ninja Warrior!!!

Fun times in MN for sure.

Red Cross doesn't want my O- blood

Just got a letter in the mail stating the Red Cross will no longer use my iron rich 'hemochromatosis' O negative blood in the regular blood bank anymore because of "technology upgrades". I'm pretty disappointed by this and really wish there was an alternate blood bank here in town that I could go to. They said they would still extract my blood at no charge but it will go to waste. I'm hoping to start a revolution to get this decision turned around. I have O negative blood and it's the same as anyone elses. My extra iron isn't in my blood, it's in my body and when I give blood my body uses my extra iron to create new RBCs. In other words, my blood is the same as everybody else.

Just had to vent.