28 March 2009

Whistler Olympic Park - trail report

Well, here we are, back in rainy Portland, after having spent some time up north previewing the Nordic venue for the 2010 Olympics in Whistler. We made it up to Vancouver last Saturday, before heading up to Whistler on the 99. They are totally expanding this road, which basically means they are blasting out a bunch of rocks, to make room for a wider highway. It seems pretty amazing that they are going through all of that just for the Olympics, but I guess, that's what they had to do to get the bid. Now thinking back to last summer watching China's Olympics, w/ the 100,000 seat stadium, I think of what Vancouver has that may be similar? hmmm, they have a metrodome like structure! good luck with that. And whistler has no big venue that holds alot of people, but I guess by comparison, nobody watches the nordic races (compared to figure skating) so they are probably fine. BUT, one third of the events are going to be at whistler Olympic park (between xc, biathlon, jumping and nordic combined).

As for the Nordic trails... well, we had perfect conditions. And hardly anyone was there. Actually there were a lot of people on Sunday, but virtually no-one was skiing on the Olympic course, so it seemed empty pretty much where ever you were skiing. There is over 50k of trails. I have no idea why, but most of the rec skiers stayed on the 'recreational' trails (which were spectacular BTW). As for the Olympic courses, it was my first ski on Olympic class trails, and I thought the hills would have been steeper. They didn't seem as hard as I thought they'd be, but i was not ski racing on them either, I'm sure they are hard enough, but especially the Biathlon trails seemed easy? Camp ripley biathlon had way steeper hills.

We had one day when it wasn't as sunny, but it was still quite awesome. here are some looks:

Like skiing at bachelor on it's best day, with better trails and 100 times better scenery.

start grip tape was grippen and gliden!

These guys spent all day getting the jump ready, but nobody was jumping!

The huge jumps. This event would be the ultimate one to snag tickets for next winter.

Here's a wide view of the stadium, that will look much different next feb.


I highly recommend a trip up there to ski, it is amazing. We will be back that's for sure. We just need to find time off, and get hook ups on excellent lodging in whistler, Thanks Belinda!

18 March 2009

PC Free

Got rid of the old PC! If you want it, send me 65 dollars and I'll fed ex it to your door. (but it doesn't work, but the parts still hold at least 100 dollars of value on Ebay.

This is the first post from the new mac mini, which is so far, flawless.

One lab report, and one paper, and one presentation away from being done with Winter term 2009. Should have everything wrapped up in the next 30 hours, but it seems like I need more time. After that, it's looking like we're going to be on our way up to BC to preview the 2010 olympic nordic trails. Holy shit that will be sweet. Full report to follow, from where we go, which is still up in the air, but it's looking like Whistler.