31 January 2007

Torres Del Paine

I uploaded some of the pics from the trip to Chile. There are many more to come. Click here for the slideshow for the photoset. It will grow as more photos are uploaded.


I'm a bit disapointed in our camera (Sony cybershot DSC-W50.) Most of the pictures are good, but its a bummer that some of them are out of focus. This trip was amazing. I'm going to dedicate an upcoming blog post to it, hopefully I will get that done this weekend.

23 January 2007

hola , punta arenas

donde esta cafe internet?

Post from Punta Arenas, Chile. Laurie and I just finished a 6 day trek (+camping) through torres del paine natl park, aka southern patagonia. It was absolutly awesome. I took a ton of photos, and we remembered to charge up the battery for the camera... We had excellent weather and hiked about 70 kilometers. This is a short post because the cafe iƱternet here is full of fumar (smoke).

Next we are going up to Puerto Montt for a few days before our last day in santiago, will be back in bend on tuesday january 30!

Hasta la vista!!

12 January 2007

the trip

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, but I've been busy w/ some new projects, and the blog is has been ignored. We're heading south of the border next week. Way south of the border. Practically to the south pole. We're heading to Chile for 2 weeks, to visit Torres del Paine national park in Patigonia. We'll be backpacking for half the trip. An adventure, it will be. Possible blog entries when internet connections allow, photos likely will be uploaded upon return.

until then!

05 January 2007

calm b4 storm?

I lifted this photo from the bachelor webcam this morning. It's supposed to snow a few feet this weekend in the cascades.

02 January 2007

New Years Relay

I had originally not planned on ski racing this weekend. Then I was invited to join a team called the nordic superheros. The New Year's Relay, at Mt Bachelor, is not like regular ski races. It's more like Halloween, on snow. Our team was the Incredible Hulk (me), Spiderman (Larry) and Batman (Jason). I skied the opening leg, which was classical technique, and the other 2 skate skied. We were first place in the 19+ open category. The defending champion (Beckie Scott) wasn't there. Last year Beckie skied all three legs by herself and won outright, and there were some pretty good teams too, one consisting of 2 former olympians. She retired from ski racing after last season with a number of olympic medals (including gold) and 2nd overall in the world cup last season.

spiderman, batman and the incredible hulk. 2006 relay champions!

Happy new year!

Bleeding continues...

I'm still going into the red cross to donate blood. My ferritin as of last Friday was 130, which is over 100 points lower than it was before thanksgiving, but not low enough for de-ironing to be complete. That likely won't happen until February, as we're going on a 2 week vacation to Chile in the latter part of January. So I'll miss 2 weeks there. I am taking B12 and folic acid suppliemtns to help the red blood cell re-generation.

Until Next time...