09 September 2013

Pillager Mud Run Special

Ran in the Pillager Mud Run last weekend and had a lot of fun.  The mud was just a little watered down, but it was still yucky and muddy.  The local public TV station did a nice little production on it, and I gave away my training secret:  American Ninja Warrior!!!

Fun times in MN for sure.

Red Cross doesn't want my O- blood

Just got a letter in the mail stating the Red Cross will no longer use my iron rich 'hemochromatosis' O negative blood in the regular blood bank anymore because of "technology upgrades". I'm pretty disappointed by this and really wish there was an alternate blood bank here in town that I could go to. They said they would still extract my blood at no charge but it will go to waste. I'm hoping to start a revolution to get this decision turned around. I have O negative blood and it's the same as anyone elses. My extra iron isn't in my blood, it's in my body and when I give blood my body uses my extra iron to create new RBCs. In other words, my blood is the same as everybody else.

Just had to vent.