18 February 2009

The outlook...

So, the blog has been very, well... tired. With all the BSSN internet sites like twitter and facebook, the blog is getting neglected. and it's harder if not impossible to tap out a decent blog post on the iphone, and twitter is super easy, cause posts are short, so I put the twitter feed on the right, but I don't even 'tweet' that much. School has been busy.

So, anyone who comes here with an attempt to gauge (or gage) my fitness level as it applies to running ultramarathons in record time, well they are going to have to wait until Saturday. All I'll say is, I will be at the starting line, and also that I will try to run the first lap at a reasonable pace.

My Hagg mud forecast is also as follows: It will not be unlike last year, and may even be less muddy. We have been having humid air so the grounds are not dry. We just have not had alot of rain, and the rain will hold off until saturday evening or sunday, according to the forecast right now.

The final piece of news for the blog today, is that I have a job interview today.

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