23 April 2008

Gas price

I know it's pretty high historically speaking, and everyone (radio, TV, sidewalk, etc) is talking about it, but I've been keeping track since sept. 2005, and here's the history at least here in Oregon, at least what we paid. I also have fuel mileage numbers, but that's another post.

The moving average is definitely on the up and up, but is 2.90 really that much different than 3.50? It might force a small shift to something other than business as usual (I use that term from an economists point of view), but if the economy goes south (like it is), the demand for gas will go down (and it actually has since last year), causing the price to go back down, and then we'll be back to where we started. The one factor that might cause problems with that theory is the simple fact that we can't pump oil any faster than we are right now. We'll need to have a shift in the model of our economy that needs infinite growth and is dependent on cheap oil (or should I say energy).

As for school, well, it's school, and I don't know what other engineering programs are like, but I may have picked the hardest one. Last year I was preparing for the PPP, and this year I'm doing lab reports in IEEE format. What would I rather be doing? hmm.

Shout out to my buddy Sean, who ran Boston Marathon! He was bummed that he didn't make his goal time, but he still kicked ass and beat my PR marathon time by 3 minutes! Good Job, and I wish I'd have been there!

08 April 2008

peak hockey

NHL Playoffs are here. It will be a while before they're over, and we'll wonder why the season is so long during the finals, but they start tomorrow and I have to get my predictions in.

Last year I predicted every series in round one, and I didn't get very many right. This year I'm only going to make a couple of predictions.

The east finals: Pittsburg vs Montreal. (MTL in 5)
They haven't been this excited in Quebec for along time! I really should be too excited about that prediction, because they are the 2 best teams in the east. But who cares, there you have it.

The west finals: san jose vs Minnesota. (MN wins in 7 games)
provided the Wild can avoid playing the Ducks.

I usually would not pick a team from California to make it this far, because most of my picks are based on geographic location rather than team skill.

Finals MN Wild over Canadiens in 6 games. Real original I know, especailly after my picks last year, but really how cool would it be to have that matchup?