18 March 2009

PC Free

Got rid of the old PC! If you want it, send me 65 dollars and I'll fed ex it to your door. (but it doesn't work, but the parts still hold at least 100 dollars of value on Ebay.

This is the first post from the new mac mini, which is so far, flawless.

One lab report, and one paper, and one presentation away from being done with Winter term 2009. Should have everything wrapped up in the next 30 hours, but it seems like I need more time. After that, it's looking like we're going to be on our way up to BC to preview the 2010 olympic nordic trails. Holy shit that will be sweet. Full report to follow, from where we go, which is still up in the air, but it's looking like Whistler.


Richard Chandler said...

Best wishes Ryan on finishing up for your 2009 Winter term.

It would be interesting for me, and perhaps for your other readers, to know more about what your degree program for alternative energy entails.

Best.... Richard Chandler http://famousquoteshomepage.com

Kyia said...

Ness, Have a blast skiing in BC! Hi to Laurie!!!!!!!!