30 July 2008

Breaking News...

This must be a record for new blog posts for me... What is this like 3 in a week? The news today was just too important not to pass on. I just saw on Velonews that old friend and current pro bike racer (in Europe) Kori Seehafer (was Kori Kelly) won a world cup event in Sweden. Click here for the link! I think she's trying to get selected for the olympics which would be totally awesome. Go KORI!

I went to college with Kori at NDSU and we were even house-mates for a summer. She started bike racing with the club at NDSU right around the time I did... now she's pro and kicking ass, and I'm back in college. go figure...

Peak oil for fun and profit

More great videos from the internets.

27 July 2008


Here's to the Bjarne Riis tour drama! As evel put it: Riis should have just come out of retirement and won the tour himself. In any case, Sastre seems like a nice guy, which is a hell of a lot more than you can say for Cadel (see multiple Youtube's below).

14 July 2008

Matt Simmons

Note the 'deer in headlights' look of the idiot anchor people, after some of the comments Simmons makes...

Get used to high oil, etc.