22 January 2014

Hemochromatosis maintenance

Finally got around to making some plots for the ferritin numbers over time, along with frequency of therapeutic phlebotomies.

Figure 1: Original ferritin decline with partial phelbotomies plotted. Early phlebotomies not counted.

Figure 2: Hemochromatosis maintenance since original de-iron at end of 2006. Clear increase in ferritin since 2nd quarter 2012 indicates more therapeutic phlebotomies required.

Doctor indicates safe ferritin for HH patient is ferritin less than 50 or so.


Hemo12 said...

Is it unusual to go over 2 years without a phlebotomy and have the ferritin level remain under 30?

RNess said...

I don't think I've ever gone 2 years without a phlebotomy since diagnosis of hemochromatosis. I don't think the graph indicates that either. I would think it would be possible if you didn't have hemochromatosis.