15 April 2006

1 week to willamette

One week until my oregon stage racing debut. I am pretty excited but relaxed about the whole thing, I do think the last day will be tough. The first 2 days will probably be too, but they are shorter. There are some pretty good climbs on the last day that will put some of us into difficulty. (Course profile below) Hopefully I will be able to stay in the mix until the last climb. There will be at least 3 of my teammates in the cat 4/5 race, so it will be fun to pretend we're using team tactics. Stay tuned for my race reports next week, they should be good.

Today is a pretty rainy day by central oregon standards. There's snow happening in the higher elevations though, kinda funny, because it just won't quit this year. This weekend is the last weekend of full operation for the nordic center, and with the crappy weather there's probably not that many people up there. They still groom the trail for PPP until May 20th, so we'll still be able to train on groomed snow.

Went out for breakfast this morning at the Breakfast club. They have the best 'out to eat' value in Bend I think. 3 of us ate for under 11 dollars. Pretty crazy.

Happy easter!

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