04 April 2006


The John Craig ski race was fun. It was essentially 10k uphill, then 10k back down hill. There's quite a bit of elevation, so snow conditions are much different up high, than they are down low, so wax is in play. I used my ski's with start grip tape, and it worked pretty good down low, but up high, it was not so good. Klister was the ticket I think. Last week, I demoed these Madshus no wax ski's that had a hairy type grip zone (not like scales). They were the bomb. I wonder how they would have been. I was 4th in the race. The nordic center is open for 2 more weekends, so I will definatly take advantage of that. (sorry, I'm not putting the boards away yet!)

I did get out the road bike out last night. It was about 44 degrees, a little chilly but it was a ride. It's amazing how quick it is compared to my commuter / mountain bike. That bike would be a single speed (34 -16) gary fisher rig 29er. It's one of the coolest and most fun bikes I've ever owned. peace out.

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Kyia said...

29r's are a blast! Well done with the ski race. If you have good snow early next week, we might swing up before the long trek home.