19 April 2006

Bike is almost ready

The empire is ready to go. Well almost. I'm going to clean it up a bit, put new handlebar tape on, make some adjustments and lube it up. Then we'll be ready. I will only be able to wait and see what this stage race is going to be like, as I haven't done a road race in about 4 years. I the last one was the Firehouse 50 in Grand View, Wisconsin. That race is a huge open race (non-sanctioned) so it's basically a free-for-all, and it's kind of well known as being dangerous, especially the last corner (I remember crashes, and then ambulances to take the crash victims away). There were climbs but not like what we'll see this weekend.

I tend to get really antsy when the pack is just rolling along. I have a history of going off the front when that happens, and it's only worked for me once, when I won a collegiate race (much thanks to my teammates in the pack though). I am not going to do that this weekend. I think the best option is to keep things together, until the last climb? I'm kind of guessing there. With the 4/5 field combined I think it might be a wide range of ability, so there are probably bound to be some breaks each day. I really have no expectations, I just want to ride strong and hopefully have a chance on the last day to be near the front. (yea we'll see on that)

Here's the schedule for the 4/5
Friday 11am - 37 mile road race (2 laps)
Saturday 9am - 22 mile circuit race (4 laps)
Sunday 8:30am - 50 mile road race (4500 total elevation gain)

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Sheryl Hokeness said...

Hey Ryan
I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all your pictures. I got tired just reading about all your activites! It's really amazing.
I'm going to add some of your movies to my Netlix queue.
I hope this granulomatosis thing doesn't become problematic for you(or Kelly) I'm pretty sure I don't have it; I've always been on the anemic side. Take Care,
Sheryl and all