19 May 2006

It's P-P-Party time!

Well it's here. By the time you read this it will probably be over. It's a big deal here in Bend. As one of my friends put it today: "there's life and death... and this [the ppp] is much more important." I have everything ready. The downhill skis, the extra large rear entry down hill boots sans liners that my nordic boots fit into. My XC ski's are waxed up. My bike is tuned up and in full on TT mode w/ disc wheel and all. My running shoes have elastic laces. The kayak is waiting for me right now down by the river. I have all this stuff, and the only thing I actually bought for the PPP specifically is the downhill boots. I got an old pair from the 2nd hand store here in town for 11 dollars last year. The rest of the stuff I just had from doing triathlons and stuff. It truely is a gear junkie's race. To be fast you really need the specific gear. The transistions require logistics and a 2 person support crew.

There will be some SPEEDY kayaks out there tomorrow. Really sleek and thin looking things that look really tippy. I won't have that problem in the perception touring boat. Now it's time for some rest, because it's going to be an early morning. We'll see if I can go under 2 hours, and if I can, how far under 2 I can go. It will be 'balls to the walls' once I get done w/ the downhill ski, after that it's going to hurt. Hopefully the weather holds out.

It looks like we might have some rain. From my experience looking at the weather forecasts in the high desert, when they say chance of rain, they really mean it could rain for a few minutes, and that's it. Who knows, maybe it'll be snowing! that would make it intersting on the bike. Lot's to think about. Almost too much. Man those running races are nice, all you need to do is lace them up and run. Not the PPP.

It'll be fun. We'll post an update tomorrow after the big event.

until then..........

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