27 May 2006

Memorial weekend

Time for the first of three major summer holidays. Back in MN it was literally a rat race to get 'up to the lake'. Here in Oregon, people probably head to the mountains or something... Today, we are just kickin' it at home, since I guess we already live in the mountains (sort of).

Tomorrow we're going to watch some of the best Track and Field athletes in the whole world at the Pre-classic track meet in Eugene, Oregon. You have to be ranked in the top 50 in your event to even get an invite to this meet, so needless to say, I didn't get one (not that I was ever a huge fan of running on the track anyway). This guy (Justin Gatlin) will be there:

And this guy (Asafa Powell):

They are the 2 fastest men in the world (co-world record holders). Unfortunatly they are racing in seperate heats, so it won't be a one-on-one match-up, but it will be cool to see them in any case. Steve Prefontaine will be there in spirit. There are a ton of extremely fast guys in the mile and 2 mile too, so those should be good races. Hopefully we get a nice day in the valley and I'll make sure the battery is charged in the canon camera.

Also, I'm preparing for a stage race next weekend, and starting a series of weekly Phlebotomies on June 5th.

O, yea, here's the course profile for the 70+ mile final day of the Mt Hood race that takes place next sunday:

Looks like fun, eh? They call it the three summits road race for obvious reasons. I hear there's snow up on the summits this weekend, so I'm really hoping for a return of the heat wave that we had a couple weeks ago. Come on global warming! Show us what you got.

Look for a full report on the track meet on Monday with cool photos (hopefully).

and have a safe holiday.

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